FIRE Age Calculator

FIRE Retirement Calculator

Estimate the age you will acheive Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) calculation to see if and when you can implement your FIRE strategies. Naturally any calculator has limitations related to your projections as well as changing TAX and ECONOMIC conditions over time.

General Retirement Assumptions
used to figure costs to support children/dependants for a period.
Number of Years more that you want to make your full income.
% Percentage of your all Savings + Retirement accounts to withdraw anually

Years Remain

Your life expectancy used to calculate how long to make your money last.

At withdrawl rate, when your're first retired, you can expect to generate annually, and this will change to per year, towards the end. Projected nest-egg at the end of your life

calculated from your savings and retirment investments. Note substantial inheritance/sales,interest rates, and raising children will all have impacts.In a nutshell let this be a broad gauge to see if FIRE may work for your

Income + Savings (all Household in USD )
(Household Gross income - before taxes)
How much of full-time income are you stashing into savings

Income saved $ per year

Total annual household income from primary job
Includes Checking, CD,Savings, Stocks , Bonds, Gold

Interest income $ per year

You're total amount of Saving interest income based on basic calculation
Includes 401k, IRA , SEP etc.

Retirement income $ per year

You're total amount of Retirement plus interest income based on APY range
Income from a one-time lump sum inheritance / home sale / business sale Tax Exempt
Your age when Inheritance or sale occured
NET profit from rental properties,or net business profit.

Rental income $ per year

Total amount real estate income or business income

Pension Income, for calculations will be considered when you reach SSN eligiibility age.
Miscellaneous Income, such as your side hustles, gig work (uber, AirBNB),freelance projects, etc.
Projected Social Security payout will be when you are eligible
Age when you expect to receive social security/Pension (Applies to US)
Expenses (All Household)
Annual Income Taxes calculated Each year based on that year's income. Above is final year. Click (Soucre: USA Tax Bracket
Healthcare Insurance, Out of Pocket, Medical expenses (Source:CNBC )
Average Rate based on Consumer Price Index , applies to most expenses (Source:US BLS CPI )
Housing costs mortgage or rent for primary residence (Exclude taxes)
Applies mostly to homeowners with mortgages; how many years till paid in full, Renters continue to pay rent lifetime
On-going Housing costs, Property Taxes,insurance ,maintenance
Length of time dependants will be supported by you. For different ages average of remaining years.
Outstanding debt. Combine any student loans, auto loans, home equity loans (except mortgages) .
years How many years to payoff debt? Will evenly be applied to expenses .

Cost of raising dependants is about $

Cost of raising kids, or supporting family / friends. (Source: each child typically ~$13k/year )
Cost of food for a year per household (Source: USDA )
Cost of heat, a/c,gas, electricity, internet, cell phone (Source:EnergyStar )
Cost of auto lease, maintenance, auto insurance, gasoline, Uber (Source: US BLS )
Cost of Vacations,Travel,Entertainment,Charities,large purchases etc.
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